Haha Paris's workshop

26-29 March 2012


The third and final HAHA workshop started with a recap for first time learner participants from the UK and Germany by laughter expert Robin Graham. That lead us directly into some practical open air exercise in the public park opposite our meeting venue. Our lovely French "yoga du rire" (laughter yoga) instructor Sylvie Larvor taught us the "cat laugh", the "telephone laugh", the "silent laugh" and how to look funny and be cheered at while trying to impersonate famous politicians, actors or other well-known people. The physical exercise continued in the afternoon with a 2-hour class with Brazilian mime teacher Louis Torreao and his company Hippocampe. Here we learnt a great way to overcome communication barriers and learn how to laugh and play with others by using nothing but your body language. The following day was highlighted by a surprise visit to "Le Musée du quai Branly (MQB)". The museum that features more then 5.000 artifacts on indigenous art, cultures and civilizations from all corners of the world. We split up into 4 groups and explored the museum following the guidelines that Veronique Bach, our volunteer instructor, had prepared beforehand. The results of this "exploration of cultures and laughter" can be viewed on the EST site. The evening took us on a boat that serves as home to the "Improfessionels", a theater company dedicated to improvisation in the theatre. Since it also includes "script suggestions" by the audience – and we were part of audience – a small, improvised piece on "European laughter" was premiered on that very evening. This was a wonderful way to wrap up our French HAHA workshop.

Back in Manchester in June 2012 members of the HAHA learners group met again at the "Olaughics – The UK National Laughter Festival & Championships". This provided a good opportunity to disseminate and share what we had learned in the course of our Grundtvig discovery tour on "Health and Humor through the Arts for Seniors (HAHA)".


Sylvie Larvor (in French)

Louis Torreao and Hippocampe (in French)

Musée du quai Branly

The Improfessionals

The Olaughics