Haha Frankfurt's workshop


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For those of us who are of the visual type, just scroll down for the animated picture clip we compiled
on all the lessons and events of the Frankfurt workshop.
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Information about the European laughter boxes can be obtained from Matthias.roos@stadt-frankfurt.de

If you have been part of the Frankfurt workshop, you might enjoy to see the websites of a selection of the venues we have been to:

Dialog im Stillen (see great video there)

Caricatura Museum (see Vive Reiser! on Arte, German/French)

Happy Store, Glücksladen (remember the horizontal meditation held by Robin)

Amt für Gesundheit, Department for Healthy Aging (German)

Kleinmarkthalle (see nice photo on the front, even fun without spending funds)

April 11–15 2011


The HAHA kick-off meeting brought together learners and staff from our three member organizations Intergen in London, M3cube in Paris, and Amt fuer Gesundheit in Frankfurt am Main. The invited laughter expert Robin Graham from Manchester provided very useful insights concerning such questions as "What makes us all laugh?", "What are individual/ national preferences?", and "How exactly can it be proven that laughter actually IS the best medicine?". Later on we got on our way to cross the Main river and find out if there were any alternative ways to communicate among us than trying (hard) to speak proper English (at least for the Germans and the French). We were very lucky to be able to enjoy a stop-over of the highly acclaimed international exhibition "Dialogue in Silence" – definitely a very exciting and helpful visit for a "better understanding" while setting the first stepping stones of our HAHA Grundtvig learning partnership. The following day we visited the "Happy Germany Platz" and the adjacent "Happiness Store" to find some inspiration for our afternoon session about the best ways to bring laughter to a foreign planet in a "European Ambassador Laughter Box". With the help of a professional marketing expert we created some sample kits and sent them to outer space – up until now we are still waiting for feedback… If you should have any ideas, what could be included in a second and hopefully more "universal" edition, please do not hesitate to let us know what makes YOU laugh.


Robin Graham

Dialogue in Silence

Happy Germany Platz / Happiness Store